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Adobe Acrobat X Pro is a unique PDF converter. It contains an ample quantity of instruments that provide users with numerous opportunities and more power for communication. The application allows users to make and edit PDF files with the help of many different tools. The software gives users an opportunity to share information in secure mode and receive effective team feedback. The application is a leader among similar programs.

The list of features and functions of X Pro is rather huge.

The app allows converting Microsoft Office applications into PDF files. So, users may transform files from Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook into PDF data files without leaving the authoring app.

By the way, in case of necessity it is possible to convert files in the reversed order. Saving PDF files as Word or Excel files you will preserve tables, formatting and layouts.

If you have a necessity to create your personal portfolio, Acrobat X Pro is just the best application for this. It is possible to add a wide range of materials to your portfolio. Among them spreadsheets, videos, web pages and many other types of data. Users may easily operate and customize their PDF portfolios in order to underline their individuality.

Shared document reviews allow users to get necessary feedback and create comment system. The feature permits to track participation and progress, accept additional reviewers and send updates or reminders via e-mails.

The application is ready to implement all your ideas with the help of interactive documents. Users may work with video, audio files and interactive media files. Interactive data may be added to PDF projects.

Adobe Acrobat helps atomize the most frequently used steps as a guided action. Users can make, operate and execute a sequence of frequently used steps that can be adjusted to one separate file or a group of files.

Online data sharing is one more Acrobat’s option which helps users easily share PDF files using the in-built functionality of X Pro.

Certainly, the list of options may be continued so far as Acrobat X Pro has really plenty of them. So, users may also protect data due to greatly improved security, digitally sign and share documents, constantly remove metadata and hide some information. Besides, now it is easy to work with PDF files that can be easily applied to Microsoft SharePoint and in case of necessity users may use the application for reading and presentation.

So, as you may see the application contains all necessary features and options for fast, effective work and collaboration.

Oliver – , CA

I bought this software for MacPro and was very pleased with it. I don’t consider that a waste of money, as I needed those programs. I am a beginner photographer, shooting video. So if I want that this activity brings me profit, I also have to spend some money. Everything installed quickly, and the programs are really cool. I especially liked GarageBand. It is a pleasant and very interesting addition. Well and the other programs are very important for me and also well-made. Only positive emotions))

Mika – , AU

I’ve always installed the new updates, and Windows 10 was no exception. I can say that I was very pleased with the system. Compared to Windows 8, it works, reacts and reruns much faster, which is a plus. There are many other advantages that I haven’t tried out yet. But it is safe to say, that the system is fully developed.