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This summer Adobe presented a current version of a well known among video makers product – Adobe After Effects CC 015. This is a popular program used for video and animation editing and creation of various special effects. This software is an indispensible instrument in the area of video editing, creation of music and advertising clips, animations, subtitles and lots of other elements where digital multi-effects can be applied.

The main distinctive feature is that this software was specifically designed for special effects. It offers lots of features, broad selection of tools for creativity and the opportunity of integration with the other applications for the most qualitative video editing. Due to a good choice of plugins, developed by the other companies, After Effects is also widely used in the area of polygraphic industry and graphic design for editing of static images.

Work with the current version requires imagination because only this program can bring into life every your idea or plan about the way how your project should look like. If you want your work to be the most efficacious and maximally qualitative you need only licensed software. Digital version of Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is the guaranty of successful work and you can find it at our online store. We offer only licensed software at acceptable price. Having chosen our online store you will forget about sky-high prices because now you can buy discount Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and save up to 70 % of your money. Due to our proposition you can obtain digital version of OEM Adobe After Effects and download it at once after payment (we offer life-time serial key).

For those whose work is related with cross-media application and broadcasting, this software will be very useful because the latest version has more cinematic visual effects as compared with the previous versions. Adobe After Effects CC 015 coupon code allows you to buy licensed software and avoid overpaying.

• Easy search of images. Now the search of realty free stock images became easier and faster. Integration of After Effects CC with Adobe Stock allows you to save the necessary image in Creative Cloud Libraries. Due to this option you can use images in your creative projects at once.
• Track faces with greater accuracy. Due to Face Tracker every user can apply various effects to separate parts of face. You can blur face, correct colour, change eye color using simple cracking.
• Preview with a few clicks. This option allows you to preview layers or compositions basing on your experience. You can create customized previews in several clicks.
• Easy access to your assets. You can share your images and the other assets via CC Libraries. Now these libraries are available in After Effects and some other Adobe software.
• Preview without interruptions. Uninterrupted preview is a useful feature allowing you to create without interruptions. Now you can regulate composition properties without interruption of the process of playback.
• Real 2D effects. Due to this feature, you have the possibility to bring into life your characters.
• Optimize the UI for touch. After Effects expedited navigation between panels in one group. Touch optimized control allows you to select and activate panels.

Gemma – , US

It is perfect for home use. I bought it for my wife. She needs it, as she is always working with the text files of different complexity and presentations. I didn’t’ want to spend so much money, as the price was too high (even higher at that point), but what can you do? I had to take it, as it is necessary for MAC, and Microsoft likes to take money for such software. The work of staff members is at the highest level! The consultants answer all the questions very quickly, and the delivery is fast.

Elihu – , CA

Nice store. Normal prices, convenient and comprehensible website. The managers are friendly and helpful. I received the comprehensible and qualified answers to all my questions. I received the goods in a short time-frame. I recommend it.

Margaux – , US

Everything suits me on the website: price, consultation and delivery, considering that before I’ve looked through the whole Internet in search for the best offer! Thanks to the staff of the online store! I think that I will continue to cooperate with you! It is one of the most productive software for a system update and transition to newer windows 7. Everything is organized very comfortably, fast opportunity to make updating, no problems and dances with mambo- jumbo! After the purchase of this program everything gets solved almost immediately. Of course, there is always a choice. You can buy a full-featured disk with axis, but it will cost you much more.

Slavko – , AT

Good afternoon. I wanted to thank you for your work. Everything was delivered on time. I received the answers to all my questions on the goods that interested me. Finally, they delivered the software I ordered. Everything was delivered on time, and even a little faster than I expected. Well done, keep it up!

Brooke – , US

Office is always necessary, as you can make no paper, test or even homework with the documents without it. So, I decided to shell out for the license, as the bootleg was difficult to find, and the most of them were cut. And with this software you always have Office, even if you change the axis on PC. Install the program in five minutes and start working! The full package of software for work and relatively low price (considering its usefulness).

Edwin – , AU

I've recently bought myself Photoshop Elements 9 under win 10, as I install only licensed software at the office. The program is excellent- from the intuitive installation to the comfort of use. I don't have an opportunity to study CC, as it has too many different configurations. Elements 9 are much easier to understand for the common user. The interface was abolished, but there are many possibilities of editing photo. You don’t have to be pro to understand it.

Vinicius – , US

It is a very good purchase. You can install the software for three computers. So, we bought and installed them for me, my father and sister. We finally changed our Windows XP for Windows 7- the most comfortable and safe system fro, all series. We like it a lot, and my computer works much better. You should update your system more often, as it’s useful.