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Adobe Audition CC 2015 is unexpendable software for recording, editing and cutting of your audio content. The application is a new digital version of world famous software. OEM Adobe Audition CC 2015 is an audio studio which has countless number of professional tools for turning into reality all of your even the most cherished dreams. Graphic interface is fascinating, it permits you working with spectrograms, operate with sound waves and multitracks.

The new digital version of an audio editor was developed by Adobe on the basis of Cool Edit Pro. A new highly improved version of Adobe Audition CC operates online with a unique Adobe service – Creative Cloud. The characteristic feature of CC service is an opportunity to share data with your colleagues and clients. Digital Adobe Audition CC became an online application which received automatic access to updates and was integrated with other Adobe products.

Our online store is happy to offer you cheap Adobe Audition CC 2015 version with a life-time serial key. We offer you only OEM discount software which may be bought in several clicks. It is very simple. Buy Audition CC, download it and enjoy a highly technological software product. By the way, our clients will not have to pay taxes. Now our online store has a great sale, up to 70%. What a superb offer! Developers took into consideration all users’ suggestions and released a new version with lots of new useful and interesting features. Cheap tax free Adobe Audition CC software with a set of new incredible features, the features that will let you realize all your professional ideas.

1. Automatic session backup. The feature may be found in ‘Preferences’. Incredible auto save feature which automatically saves and backs up multitrack session files at a frequency that is needed to you. Default frequency is three minutes, every three minutes the system saves information, the number of back up files is 10, by default all information goes to your creative cloud storage, so if the system crashes, no data will be lost.
2. Timed recording. If there is a necessity to record something in the future you may do it in several clicks. First of all, it is necessary to click record button, choose time record mode, a new window appears, where you will be able to choose time when system will start recording sound and duration of recording.
3. Dynamic Link streaming video. The new feature provides you an opportunity to stream video from Premiere Pro to Audition without file rendering. When Premiere Pro files are sent to Audition, you may see them in their native resolution. Previously, files were rendered and it resulted in data loss.
4. Imported content management. The process of content management became much easier due to a new feature. One may share, collaborate and archive information safer and much more convenient. The program makes a copy and new links off all imported data to the backup files that are stored in a Session folder.
5. Full-screen video output. A new feature permits to display your content on a secondary full screen monitor using HDMI, VGA and DVI. The feature is highly important while working with Foley and sound effects.

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