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If you are looking for the best set of all necessary tools for creating beautiful graphics, mockups and web sites on basis of HTML5/CSS3, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium is what you really need.

This suite comprises:
• Dreamweaver CS6;
• Photoshop CS6;
• Fireworks CS6;
• Bridge CS6;
• Flash Professional CS6;
• Illustrator CS6;
• Acrobat X Pro;
• InDesign CS6.

With this suite you have more opportunities for creating incredible designs and producing worthwhile digital images. Besides, it comprises only the latest versions of all applications.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the brightest representatives of this suite. With this app you can easily perform breakthrough picture editing, refine or composite images, apply various effects and paint using powerful brush tools. The existence of powerful 3D tools allow users to add depth to images or create attractive 3D logos or paint on 3D models. Besides, there is a possibility to edit video files as well.

With Adobe Illustrator you can create professional vector artworks such as illustrations for advertising, signage, etc. Everyone will surely appreciate your graphics with a wide choice of brushes and drawing tools. Besides, now you are not obliged to spend hours on work with artworks due to the Adobe Mercury Performance System. Now your working process with such features as blurs, drop shadows or glows will be faster.

With this app you can design tiled vector patterns, make experiments with repeating patterns and apply various gradients to the strokes (you can control the scaling of brushes). If you need to create the look of realistic distance, you just need to paint shapes in 1, 2 or 3 linear perspective.

Abode InDesign also offers various capabilities. With this app the results of your work with layouts will always be professional. Powerful built-in tools in a combination with control over typography allow you to create incredible layouts.

In case you need to design publications for tablet devices, this app is an irreplaceable tool for doing this. Besides, you can variegate your projects by adding such interactive elements as slide shows, video or audio.

Before exporting to PDFs you can make form fields directly in the application.

The new Gap tool simplified the process of adjusting layouts – now it is no so time consuming procedure.

If you want to create an excellent PDF Portfolio, you can do it with the help of Acrobat X Pro. You just need to distribute layouts and package them in a combination with drawings, videos or audios in one portfolio.

However, the above-mentioned features are not all enhancements added into this suite. There are much more of them. This is a good confirmation of the fact that Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium will be the best solution for huge companies that specialize in the design area.

Brooke – , US

Office is always necessary, as you can make no paper, test or even homework with the documents without it. So, I decided to shell out for the license, as the bootleg was difficult to find, and the most of them were cut. And with this software you always have Office, even if you change the axis on PC. Install the program in five minutes and start working! The full package of software for work and relatively low price (considering its usefulness).

Dragica – , AU

I bought the office software and liked the price on this website. Thanks to the staff for the competent advice and efficiency. I was pleasantly surprised. Nowadays, not every online shop works so professional. I recommend it. I liked our cooperation. In principle, everything was done on time. I am satisfied with the product quality. Thank you!