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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is the leading tool, offering a number of powerful features for creating and editing websites and mobile applications. With this application designers and web developers can create websites of a professional level.

This version differs greatly from the previous ones. Dreamweaver CS6 is the first application for web development with support for HTML5 and CSS3.

The developers worked on this particular version and added a number of powerful tools. “Fluid Grid Layouts” is one of the most significant enhancements. With this feature you will always know how the page elements will be arranged when you will display your site on a full-screen desktop or mobile devices. For creating fluid grid layouts, you just need to arrange them as you want. You next step it to click the icon, which will switch them to a different screen size and will make the arrangement of the elements.

This version cam also boast with built-in support for Phone Gap Build – with this platform, it is easy to create a Web-based application that operates on multiple phone platforms. Besides, due to its integration with Query Mobile, the process of building of browser-based tablet or phone applications became easier and faster.

The developers also improved the ‘Live” and “Multiscreen” preview panels and new “browser lab” offers users an opportunity to test pages on older platforms.

In this version of Dreamweaver, Adobe developers took into consideration the user’s preferences and added built-in Web font support. This feature offers you an opportunity to use fonts directly on the pages (you can install them to the Web server). Besides, new FTP module supports secure protocols now.

The integration with Adobe’s Flash Format is one more important enhancement (however, it is not about developing for iOS).

Interface was also changed; however, at first gaze, it will be difficult to understand it. It contains a number of panels and toolbars. Nevertheless, interface of this release cannot be compared with the previous versions. This is a suite of all necessary tools for editing JavaScript, CSS or HTML. In most instances, you will use only some GUI-based buttons or menus for underlying code.

Adobe also improved the process of creating animated transitions due to the addition of CSS3 Transition Panel. Now this procedure is not so time consuming.

With Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 you will not only obtain a professional editor for mobile apps and web sites but the opportunity to spend less time on some routine aspects of your work.

Timothy – , CA

Nice communication with the representatives of the shop. My order was corrected. Given the absence, I was suggested a replacement. I am happy with my purchase. Quality and pleasant price. Thank you for such work.

Brooke – , US

Office is always necessary, as you can make no paper, test or even homework with the documents without it. So, I decided to shell out for the license, as the bootleg was difficult to find, and the most of them were cut. And with this software you always have Office, even if you change the axis on PC. Install the program in five minutes and start working! The full package of software for work and relatively low price (considering its usefulness).