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Adobe Fireworks CS6 is an application that was specially developed for working with vector and bitmapped images. It is used for development of web projects of different types (the projects include creation of mobile and desktop applications). In general, Fireworks was designed for working with interactive web projects. The software is probably the best app for the creation and implementation of bitmap and vector images, mockups and interactive content for various types of devices. Hardly one may find the application with such an excellent set of features and functions.

So, here are the most important and interesting of them:

• Renovated CSS code extraction;
• Modified toolbar of CSS properties;
• Making of CSS sprites;
• Support for a brand new jQuery Mobile theme;
• Enhanced color swatch and modified color instruments;
• Enhanced performance characteristics;
• API access;
• Upgraded templates and symbols.

jQuery mobile framework helps designers create web sites for mobile devices. Using JQuery in a combination with Adobe Fireworks CS6 users may customize themes. It is possible to adjust icons, background and general view of the site. By the way, one may change the standard theme with the help of jQuery mobile theme skinning option.

In order to save your time, you may use one more useful feature in Fireworks CS6 – you may preview the desired page in the Pages panel, just click on the desired page. One more way to preview the necessary page is to do it via browser, which can be opened just from CS6 operation panel.

Improved CSS functionality makes developer’s work much easier. This version contains special CSS panel and the system automatically produces code for many elements of the design. Besides, Fireworks CS6 can create special code for various browsers like IE, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Creation of the code ensures complete cross-browser rendering.

The second improvement about CSS is the usage CSS Sprites. It gives an opportunity to export the whole file with all graphic elements, not dividing graphics into many separate elements.

Firefox contains an excellent set of bitmap instruments that permit users to create mockups pixel-by-pixel. The vector instruments allow designers lay down backgrounds, boxes and other types of shapes. It is possible to make multiple pages in only one document for various versions of one and the same design. Ready-made mockups may be easily divided for export.

The software also received some minor enhancements like the ability to choose the angle of a gradient, opacity controls for strokes and fills and improved color picker, which shows hex values.

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