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A new version of one of the most successful software product (Adobe InDesign CS6) for precise control over design and typo-graphics proves the fact that a company manufacturer produces only professional software products.

This release comprises a number of powerful enhancements due to which you can control over typography or design.

The addition of Alternate and Liquid layouts is the most useful enhancement. With the help of Alternate Layouts users can easily do various page sizes. If you need to do bigger or smaller size of a print advertisement, this tool will help you do this. With Liquid layouts designers can project content for multiple page sizes or devices. You can use this tool for determining whether the objects in a page are adapted properly. When you combine these two Layouts, you will simplify the working process and save time on manual work.

If your working process requires duplicating page items, linked content functionality will help you achieve the most successful results. In this release intra-and-inter document links are supported. Users can easily either link or place stories, page items, interactive objects, etc. The links become the most useful when designers work on huge projects.

The developers also added Content Collector and Placer tools – with the help of these instruments users will duplicate and place objects on the open documents. As soon as users collect the content, it will be viewable in the Content Conveyer. With this tool it is easy to place or link multiple page items in the open documents.

For altering linked content, you can use Preserve Local Edits option. Using it, designers have an excellent opportunity to save all changes with the frame or image.

Digital publishing also was improved – there were added some new document presets and primary text frame functionality. Now the process of Primary Text Frames overriding on layout pages is automatic. That is why this procedure is not so time consuming.

Text frame fitting options also must be mentioned. When the text frame is resized, you should apply the flexible width option for changing the number and width of columns. If you need automatic resizing of text frames just apply auto-size text options.

With this particular version you also can make your design experiments and share them with your colleagues due to enhanced interactivity. You can project the forms in InDesign and then export them to PDF. The capability to support form actions and form fields allows users to create only professional designs.

All enumerated features of the new Adobe InDesign CS6 are only a part of all new options this app has. It still remains the best one for creating elegant and bright mock-ups.

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