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Making a detailed analysis of Photoshop CS6 Extended it stands to mention that this version comprises all features the standard version has and some other powerful tools that help designers boost their productivity and create more professional designs.

With this version designers can create three-dimensional imagery of a high quality. This is the sixth generation of a leading program for image design, which allows users to work with a variety of graphic formats, edit existing images and create new ones. Besides, this app is not developed for professional designers only. Even those, who only start their career or just want to add some visual effects to their pictures can easily operate it. Designers can make experiments with images using the options of color correction, retouching or collaging and make masterpieces from their projects.

In this version developers worked on the performance of a program and developed a new suite of advanced features. Among the most significant enhancements we can specify the following:

• Advanced 3D capabilities. New 3D tools offer designers many opportunities – no boundaries for their creativity. Users of this version can paint on 3D objects and have an opportunity to enjoy results immediately after drawing. Addition of 3D objects or layers, illuminating the scene with lighting or reflections and the capability to animate objects turns work in this application into an interesting and high performance process.
• Image analysis. For extraction of information from images, you can use enhanced counting tools and measurement. Users can export or record data or import DICOM files for further analysis.
• 3D images. This enhancement is one of the most significant. Now users of this application have a fair opportunity to manipulate 3D content as they wish. This enhancement allows creating 3D logos or artworks due to intuitive controls. Besides, users can rotate, bevel or twist 3D designs and add to them various 3D materials.
• Mercury Graphics Engine for 3D. Due to this feature users will notice increased speed and power of the application.
• Video and motion based content editing. This is one more significant enhancement of this version. Now this feature is available in every version of Photoshop CS6.
This version has undergone significant changes and in fact there are more changes and new feature. However, Photoshop CS6 Extended is an irreplaceable application for all representatives of creative professions. It is widely used in video industry, design, architecture, science, product design or engineering.

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