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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 is an excellent solution for professional photographers and beginners. It is able to help users achieve high results in the photographic industry. This version was launched last year and during this period of time it became the most widely used editor among professional photographers and graphic designers.

This version is oriented towards image editing, where users have an excellent opportunity to process all types of digital images. Besides, this version is compatible with most widely used graphic design platforms.

Performance enhancement is one of the most significant features. If you want to speed up the process of image processing, Graphics Processing Unit will help you do this. The Processor really improves productivity.

Changes in HDR processing also require attention. Earlier, if you wanted to create balanced or natural looking photos, you used Lightroom and Photoshop. In this particular version you can do the HDR processing inside Lightroom CS6. It is possible due to the existence of HDR Merge module, offering Ghosting and Merging options. As compared to Photoshop HDR Pro, HDR Merge presented in Lightroom offers the opportunity to create brighter HDR images.

Filter brush is one more rather useful addition. This feature is very useful for those, who work with landscape photography. Filter brush saves your time and allows users to mask some effects, created due to the Radial or Graduate Filter.

Thanks to the Panorama merge feature, the process of panorama stitching is not so time consuming now. This version has the capability to check the exposure of every picture you want to combine and matches them automatically. Except the Auto option for stitching pictures there are other ones; however, in most instances Auto option does it perfectly.

The feature of facial recognition allows users to assign names to faces (this version is able to find and tag people in the catalogue automatically). Plenty of designers have already appreciated this feature and consider it to be an irreplaceable tool for their creative work.
Besides, Lightroom 6 allows users to apply indelible marks when they import images or during the process of editing. An indelible mark can be imported from a file or created with the help of Lightroom tools.

The noise reduction function was considerably improved in Lightroom 6. Now you can do it without the help of other software products – it saves your time greatly.

All mentioned features are the most significant ones. However, after installation, and receiving first experience of using Adobe Lightroom CS 6, you will make sure that this release is worth attention.

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