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Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 is not a new release of a well-known software product used in the areas of engineering, machinery, building or architecture. Though this edition is not the latest one, but still it is in great request among those who used to work with Autodesk products every day. Besides, as compared to the latest versions, its price is not so sky high. If you are a beginner, this version is a great solution for you.

Using this version, users can create 2D drawing views from 3D models. If there is no 3D model in modelspace, the program offers a capability of picking a 3D model from Inventor.

The new Content Explorer feature allows you to specify many local data sources. The procedure of searching or accessing the existing content is faster now. This is one of the most significant enhancements. Data management is simpler now. Though this option cannot substitute an electronic data management system, it is a great step forward.

Subtle enhancements also deserve attention. For instance, in this edition, the join command is used for combining different object types. Working on this edition, the developers made several drafting productivity improvements. They added a “nudge” option, which is meant for moving objects orthogonally. There were also added several options for manipulating grips of different objects such as Arcs, MLeaders or Lines.

The control over text frames, which in previous versions was rather problematic, is much better now.

This version was also endowed with several preview features. Now, all users of this version can specify their settings for chamfer commands. The result of work is viewable immediately. Besides, users can preview different surface editing processes.

The associative array features were also added. Using this edition, users can array objects along a path, use the divide option. Besides, the Array option was added to the Copy Command.

If you think that this version doesn’t allow users to work together on one project, you are mistaken. Integration with AutoCAD WS conduces to collaborative working. Besides, there is a migrate setting feature. Its main goal is to assist with migrating between releases.

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