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Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 is a last year’s release of a well-known product for engineers. This product gets you up to speed work in a matter of seconds. This edition was endowed with a number of new modifications and has a better-defined layout. The version is full of improvements aimed to make your day-to-day work easier.

The main changes were made in the following categories:

• Design;
• User Interface;
• Documentation;
• BIM;
• Installation.

First, new users will notice changes in the interface. Now it is darker. However, it is easier to work with it. Layout tabs and the status bar were set to the next line. To find the required icon or tool is easier and faster now. Besides, this product provides new image-based lighting environment. Their goal is to add more realistic effect to renderings.

Users of this version will definitely notice better graphics. The developers added new settings for high-quality geometry and smooth-line display. File tabs, ribbon menus, and layout tabs became more versatile, customizable and functional.

This edition is endowed with a new and better rendering engine.

The new preview tool now works with such commands as erase, rotate, stretch and scale. This option allows users to check whether their actions are correct before committing to them.

The dimensioning tool is also much better now – it is more intelligent. Using it, users can preview whether the measured values they choose are correct. Basing on the object type, this option proposes relevant measurements.

The developers also worked on file compatibility. PDF files exported from AutoCAD drawings keep hyperlink functionality to other pages and external links.

Such category as “2D and 3D drawing, drafting, modeling” has also undergone enhancements. The developers improved 3D graphics (performance, stability, and fidelity).

The new DIM command allows users to preview the dimension you work with. This feature saves the time of a designer.

Status Bar Enhancement influences the work of designers positively. With this option, users can wrap onto two rows when there are more icons than one row may comprise.

Now, AutoCAD 2016 supports Navisworks files in both (NWD and NWC) format.

Those designers who use Autodesk for a long time will appreciate Xref Enhancements. All Xref layers are now shown in the Ribbon drop down.

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