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This year Autodesk released the new version of its most successful software product for engineering and mechanical design. The app is an indispensable tool for creating 2D or 3D technical drawings for such projects as designing of furniture, buildings, vehicles parts, etc.

This version is endowed with many new features and integrates with the cloud or mobile devices. Now, users can access their projects or share them between all members of the team in a split second and without any difficulties.

With this edition users will always stay at the forefront of all design novelties. Documentation tools have undergone significant changes – now, they are simplified and easier to use.

This edition is packed with a number of useful features. With the new layer-editing feature, users can edit models on separate layers. Using live maps feature, designers can integrate their models with real-world environments.

The developers worked on new smart centerlines and center marks. Work with them is faster now. Designers can create and edit them more intuitively.

Coordination model was enhanced as well. The process of designing within the context of existing BIM models is not so complicated (as compared to the previous versions).

Users of this edition can work with files in a PDF format. This format has finally been added to the list of Import File formats. The software product saves your documents in a proprietary format, but users can export them to different formats like PDF, BMP or EPS.

Designers can not only work on 3D models in the program but they can send them to a 3D print service at any time they wish. New 3D free-form designing tools allow users to generate design ideas in any form.

With the help of resizable dialog boxes all users of the latest edition have access to more information with less scrolling.

The user interface was also changed. Now it has numerous palettes, like layers and tool sets. Besides, it is darker now and this enhancement helps reduce eyestrain. Designers can customize it to suit their needs.

Smart Dimensioning was also simplified. Users can make measurements, basing on their drawing context. Migration tools became more personalized in this version.

With the help of Sysvar monitor, the user’s data are well-protected because it prevents unwanted changes to the system settings.

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