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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014 is a specific CAD software from Autodesk, which apart from having standard AutoCAD options is added with specific tools and features for architectural design, drafting and planning. The software includes potent documenting option, allowing to automatically generate documents on the project and get them instantly updated right when any changes are brought in the project. The application allows to create drawings and plans, generate documentation and schedules automatically allowing to estimate budget, time and resources for completing the project. Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014 features multiple tools for automating tasks, eliminate errors, keep consistency in data and boost efficiency.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014 is an outdated version which is till in demand among professional architects and engineers.

Key features of AutoCAD Architecture 2014 are as follows:

• SMART certification building support
• Simple property sets defining
• Styles adding in command line
• Advanced backup to restore corrupted files or get back to a previous version of project
• Enhanced scaling of objects, text or tags to improve visualization
• Slope change for better graphics update
• Multiple layer creation and management
• Simple switching between layers of the project to better present an idea
• Moving unused layers with a single click
• Simple door and window placement
• Complete library of standard architectural objects
• Simple editing and customization of standard objects up to the needs of a specific project
• Simulate real world behaviour of objects in your design
• Add annotations to drawings or layers or objects to better inform other users and to better convey an idea
• Simple generation of 3D projects and rendering 2D projects into 3D ones
• Apply multiple finishes to the surfaces and change them quickly in one click to estimate which one is better

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014 offers enough options and tools for completing of architectural tasks. Though being outdated the software features stability and reliability in performance. Moreover it is much cheaper than current versions of AutoCAD Architecture. The software is available to buy and download from a trusted reseller - You will get a valid original and officially supported by Autodesk product and will save costs and time (for delivery) as you will instantly get your download link.

The current editions of AutoCAD Architecture feature new collaboration options, are a bit more integrated with other Autodesk products as well as offer mobile application for fast reviewing and referencing of projects. However mobile application is not worth overpaying. It only supports limited options from desktop version.

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