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Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 is a specific software for civil engineering in 2D and 3D modes offering extreme visualization, automatic documentation generation and supporting BIM. This ensures better understanding of a project, increased consistency and of data as well as faster completion of the project. The software is outdated and does not support top options present in 2017 version.

Key features of Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

The 2014 release offers:

• online map data
• creating specific data shortcuts and references for pressure networks
• creating of vault projects at any level below working folder
• InfraWorks 360 compatibility – the software allows to import piping systems and civil roads networks in a current Civil 3D project and export project data to InfraWorks 360 projects
• file and dependency saving to 360

• use pressure networks in plan production sheets
• import, export and save survey queries in query builder and for further projects reuse
• point cloud object support
• projecting solids to profile views
• tools for corridor modeling as targets selection or corridor solids extraction
• new design criteria setting
• creation of lists of materials for an assigned group of sample lines
• creation of pressure networks from objects
• simple editing of pipes and networks using sliding or moving
• 3D plane compass to rotate plans and views, parts and grips
• proper displaying of crossing parts in any view
The software allows to create complete and ready to implement plans of roads, pipes, networks and any infrastructure your project needs. Traditionally Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 contains the libraries of objects for advanced and simplified modelling to save time and efforts and to reduce errors and mistakes. The real time checking for inconsistencies will inform you on possible mistakes and will ensure correctness of project development from the start to the end.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 is functional and is still in demand among professionals who do not need advanced options of minor use offered in later editions of the application. The software performs correctly is compatible with older versions of Windows OS and is not as exacting to hardware as current ones. Egton Software Store offers you to get the release of 2014 and enjoy top modeling options at a moderate price. The files and projects which are created in Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 are completely compatible with later versions of Autodesk products and ensure great interoperability.

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