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Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 is a new application created for the civil engineering design and documentation. The software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) by offering more features for the creation of different models.

The application was developed with a focus on optimization of a great number of civil infrastructure projects like highways and roads, development of land, rail constructions, building of airports and other civil projects. One more important point is the possibility to improve transportation processes, obtain more detailed data, and react faster to the changes in the projects. The software is a unique tool, which helps engineers simplify difficult tasks like corridor design, intersections, parcel layout and many other tasks.

The application received many new features and options. Here are some examples of the Civil 3D 2017 innovations.

• Interoperability. The app includes linked workflow with InfraWorks 360. This connection is very helpful for the collaboration of development teams. Using the connection, users can imports different infrastructure objects, roundabout designs from InfraWorks 360 to Civil 3D. Designers can make property set definitions and add them to drawing objects, then, the definitions can be used in other applications like BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks.
• Legacy Workflows. In order to enhance the drawing styles and standards among members of one development team, Civil 3D 2017 received multiple features like DREF, the possibility to Cache DREF Surface, Reference Style Utilities and Subfolders for Objects.
• Corridor Design. The application contains several new instruments for designing corridors, the possibility to use a feature line as a corridor’s baseline, a corner cleanup instrument, which cleans inner and outer corners of the corridor and the possibility to take the feature lines of corridors or restricted polygonal areas.
Users got a possibility to create data shortcuts for corridors and apply them in other drawings.
• Pipe Designs. The new version of the Civil 2017 contains a rather big library of pipe content for steel pipes, PVC and HDPE. Besides, the database includes additional fittings and valves.

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