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AutoCAD LT 2014 is the light CAD design software product, which provides robust computer 2D grafting and detailing. Though this version is not the latest one, it doesn’t mean that it is not useful for engineers or designers. Its price is relatively lower (as compared to the latest releases) and this edition is endowed with a plethora of useful features.

Comparing with the versions that were released earlier, Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2014 adopted a new logo and branding. There were created the new application menu icon and file tabs. The File Tabs are a part of AutoCAD now. With this option, users can easily access their files.

The Command Line has also undergone improvements. Using the Autocorrect option you can spell the commands properly. Autocomplete gives you a list of commands with the typed text. This version will learn which command you use more often and will display them first (for your convenience). The Command Line has access to blocks, layers, hatch patterns, dimension styles or visual styles. Besides, users of this edition can customize the behavior of the command line’s suggestions.

Several new features are related to the Cloud services. To use them, users have to be logged into the Autodesk 360 account. One of such options is a capability to sync settings. Users have an opportunity to save their settings to their account and download them to any computer. The Online Ribbon Tab comprises the new Open Folder tool. Its main goal is provide users with an easy access to the Autodesk 360 folder on their workstation.

The Design Feed is one of the greatest and the most significant options, added to AutoCAD LT 2014. With this tool the collaboration between the members of one team is faster and more effective. Working on one project, users can add either images or notes for further discussions. Besides, there are several tools, allowing users to tag colleagues with the aim to notify them about changes.

The new Geographic Location tools simplify the process of finding the location of the project. It also allows projecting a map into the drawing. This option helps quickly verify geographic options for the project.

There were also made many other significant enhancements, like:

• Migration tool improvements;
• The capability to import PDF files;
• TustedDWG Technology;
• Sysvar monitor;
• Enhanced Support.

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