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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 is a professional design software for 3D concept design, simulation and documentation of products. It is a collection of tools. It is an application for product prototyping and testing allowing to design and validate products before they are set to mass production thus reducing costly defects. The software allows to set the product to market faster.

Engineering design productivity in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015

Digital prototyping – the software contains all necessary tools to create 2D sketch and turn it into a valid 3D design.

Simple to use 3D mechanical design – the tool offers to simply visualize a product in 3D.

Large assembly design – the software allows to create as micro-products so the large assembly products with the same ease.

Freeform modeling – you can create a product using as standard parts libraries so use standard shapes to create a new form, part, element.

Complete libraries of industry standard parts – to automate the process of development of a product you can use templates models from the libraries. All the templates keep to the standards of the industry.

Plastic parts design – the software allows you to consider specific properties of the material to create valid parts resistant to forces of natural environment and usage. The software offers ready to use models and tools to create parts from plastic.

Visualization tools ensure the best performance of the project to end users. You can create compelling graphics from the project to show end users how a product is considered to be used or applied.

Materials selection and estimation – smart tools of the software allow you to estimate conditions in which the product is supposed to be used. Get recommendations and choose optimum material for production of the product of the highest quality.

The software offers advanced collaboration features ensuring instant 3D design sharing as on desktop so on mobile devices.

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 offers advanced documentation tools – the software automatically generates all necessary documentation on a planned product keeping consistency of data across the documents. Besides active linking will ensure up to date data in the documents when the project is changed.

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