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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 is the best desktop 3D CAD product, providing a trio of the best modeling tools. They are as follows:

• Freeform design tools;
• Parametric;
• Direct editing.

This product provides a number of solutions for finite element analysis, data management, motion simulation, mechanical engineering design, etc.

With this edition, users can speed up their working process in Multi-CAD Environment. One of the greatest enhancements is the capability to work with models, created with other CAD products. The developers created the option, allowing users to import CAD data from Solidworks, CATIA or Alias files. As you change the model, the imported geometry updates too.

File conversion is faster now. The software product reads the DWG file format. Using this option, all users can share their design models with their partners or clients.

This edition comprises tools developed for mechanical engineers, builders or architects. Geometry simplification tools are easy to use. Their goal is to reduce model complexity.

Inventor Professional 2016 generates manufacturing and engineering documentation from digital prototypes. This option helps users to avoid a number of errors that may appear during the working process. Inventor extends the benefits of AutoCAD, providing comprehensive tools and automatic drawing views.

This edition was also endowed with a plethora of CAD rendering and visualization tools. Clear visuals were developed with the aim to simplify the work of those who have no experience of work in this program. With the help of various visualization tools users can easily create photorealistic CAD animations and renderings.

The procedure of sheet metal design is faster now. With Digital Prototyping, you can speed up your productivity and simplify sheet metal design. This edition encompasses custom bend tables and punch tool parameters. Using Digital Prototype, you can make sure that you have chosen correct electrical components before manufacturing the product.

Designers can develop free-form shaped models by dint of direct manipulation. You can start working with a free-form shape, which fits into your project most of all and continue working, using editing tools that can adjust the shape.

Design accelerators allow engineers to add such components as fasteners, mechanisms or hydraulic systems in a split second. The parametric design environment gives you an opportunity to move your design studies from paper.

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