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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 is completely new software created to open new designing possibilities for professional engineers.

The application received many innovative features and options. The list of improvements contains modifications to the core design instruments, enhanced interoperability and new type of communication possibilities. The implementation of these options allows creating better designs, effectively collaborate with the development team and fulfill the job faster and more productively.


Due to the design improvements the app received completely new sketch commands that helped obtain greater control, faster performance characteristics and easiness of use.

• The first major innovations are the geometry manipulation instruments that allow moving and rotating objects quickly and precisely.
• Completely new constraint types were added to obtain better control and get the possibility to sketch curves on 3D faces.
• The copy/paste option allows copying and pasting data in the same 3D sketch or uses it between different 3D sketches.


This feature received several new instruments that allow obtaining greater control when creating surface geometry in the new software.

• The Boundary Path command received a Guide Rails feature. Now it is possible to use points and curves to shape the pass and more strictly monitor continuity and shape.
• A new Angle option was added to the Ruled Surface. It can be used for all surface types. Now the Sweep feature supports sketch and edge selections to choose the correct direction.

Creation of Parts

In this version, a new Feature Relationships instrument detects child and parent connections between part features. This option allows users to understand how parameters recognize the model and how they can be applied to fulfill and automate the geometry modifications.


The software received several new Drawing options that opened new possibilities for formatting. They are as follows:

• Default link setting in the instruments dialog box.
• New text color possibilities for background.
• Rectangular balloon pattern.
• Formatting improvements and automatic wrapping of the text.
• The possibility to open parts just from the list of drawing parts.

Sheet Metal

The new version of the Inventor Professional received completely new controls and features that were added to the sheet metal environment. They include:
• Extended defer features.
• Enhanced flat patter warnings.
• The possibility to optionally control punches reps.
• Completely new corner relief instruments.

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